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Driver Licensing Legislation

  title={Driver Licensing Legislation},
  author={Anu Siren and Annette Meng and Daniel Bell and Eike Pokriefke and Britta Lang and Kristen Fern{\'a}ndez Medina and Catherine Gabaude and Claude Marin-Lamellet},

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Review of Studies on Older Drivers’ Behavior and Stress—Methods, Results, and Outlook
A literature review of relevant studies and reports related to older drivers’ behavior and stress suggests a hybrid method by applying surveys and collecting on-road/in-vehicle data to mitigate bias in findings.
Transforming the future of ageing
Halving the Number of Road Deaths in Korea
  • Itf
  • Political Science
  • 2016
This report presents the findings and conclusions of a short peer review of road safety policy in Korea. This was centred on a meeting of road safety experts from Korea and from OECD countries held
Using Social Judgment Theory method to examine how experienced occupational therapy driver assessors use information to make fitness-to-drive recommendations
Experienced occupational therapy driver assessors weight and combine information when making fitness-to-drive recommendations and establish their level of decision agreement, which can be used by both experienced and noviceDriver assessors to reflect on and strengthen the fitness- to-drive recommendaitons made to clients.
Elderly driver safety in Switzerland – current reality and future perspectives
In Switzerland the number of elderly people as well as their driving licence possession rate and their kilometres driven are increasing and ways to improve the effectiveness of the Swiss screening system are being discussed.


The licensing of older drivers in Europe--a case study.
France, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom have the highest level of driving license holding by people aged 65+, which has direct implications for the independent mobility of older people and stringent renewal procedures and demanding medical examinations at renewal reduce the level of car driving licenses among older people.
Effect van verhoging van de keuringsleeftijd op de verkeersveiligheid
  • SWOV report R-2011-6
  • 2011
The Social and Policy Predictors of Driving Mobility Among Older Adults
  • E. Kulikov
  • Education
    Journal of aging & social policy
  • 2011
The analysis indicates that five policies—accelerated renewal, mental testing, peripheral vision testing, renewal in person at age 70+, and restricted licensing—have a significant effect on an older driver's decision to reduce or cease driving.
Effectiveness of Mandatory License Testing for Older Drivers in Reducing Crash Risk Among Urban Older Australian Drivers
It can be inferred from the findings that mandatory license re-testing schemes of the type evaluated have no demonstrable road safety benefits overall.
Some consequences of different older driver licensing procedures in Australia.
Medical Screening of Older Drivers as a Traffic Safety Measure—A Comparative Finnish‐Swedish Evaluation Study
To evaluate the safety effect of age‐related medical screening of older drivers by comparing the licensing laws and accident rates for older road users in Finland and Sweden, a comparison of the two countries is compared.
Determining Fitness to Drive in Older Persons: A Survey of Medical and Surgical Specialists
Canadian specialists accept the responsibility of determining their patients’ fitness to drive but are not fully confident in their ability to do so, and are receptive to education to improve their skills in this area.
To Drive or Not to Drive: Assessment Dilemmas for GPs
This study investigates how general practitioners recognise and manage patients' fitness to drive, GPs' attitudes and beliefs about their role as assessors, and Gps' experiences in assessing and reporting to driving authorities and identifies GPs’ educational needs.
Åtgärder för äldre bilförare: effekter på trafiksäkerhet och mobilitet
The report describes and evaluates traffic safety measures for older drivers in Norway and proposes seven measures of action which could be implemented in Norway to increase the effects on safe mobility.
Elderly licensure laws and motor vehicle fatalities.
In-person license renewal was related to a significantly lower fatality rate among the oldest old drivers and more stringent state licensure policies such as vision tests, road tests, and more frequent license renewal cycles were not independently associated with additional benefits.