Driven transport of soft Brownian particles through pore-like structures: Effective size method

  title={Driven transport of soft Brownian particles through pore-like structures: Effective size method},
  author={Alexander P. Antonov and Artem Ryabov and Philipp Maass},
  journal={The Journal of Chemical Physics},
Driven transport of soft Brownian particles through pore-like structures: Effective size method Alexander P. Antonov,1, a) Artem Ryabov,2, b) and Philipp Maass1, c) 1)Universität Osnabrück, Fachbereich Physik, Barbarastraße 7, D-49076 Osnabrück, Germany 2)Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Macromolecular Physics, V Holešovičkách 2, CZ-18000 Praha 8, Czech Republic 

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