Driven Skyrmions and dynamical transitions in chiral magnets.

  title={Driven Skyrmions and dynamical transitions in chiral magnets.},
  author={Shizeng Lin and C. J. O. Reichhardt and Cristian D. Batista and Avadh B Saxena},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={110 20},
We study the dynamics of Skyrmions in chiral magnets in the presence of a spin polarized current. The motion of Skyrmions in the ferromagnetic background excites spin waves and contributes to additional damping. At a large current, the spin wave spectrum becomes gapless and Skyrmions are created dynamically from the ferromagnetic state. At an even higher current, these Skyrmions are strongly deformed due to the damping and become unstable at a threshold current, leading to a chiral liquid. We… 

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