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- Driven Decision Making

  title={- Driven Decision Making},
  author={Ellen B. Mandinach},

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Big Data Capability, Customer Agility, and Organization Performance: A Dynamic Capability Perspective
It is argued that big data capability improves customer sensing capability, and it is clarified that this impact is moderated by both the organization market orientation and the data-driven decision making practice.


The consortium for technology in the preparation of teachers: Exploring the potential of handheld technology for preservice education
  • New York: EDC/Center for Children and Technology.
  • 2001
September). Quality school portfolio: Reporting on school goals and student achievement
  • Paper presented at the CRESST Conference
  • 1998
The Three Stories of Education Reform.
The main enemies of large-scale reform are overload and extreme fragmentation, Mr. Fullan points out. The three stories he outlines here serve to lend coherence to an otherwise disjointed system.
Chapter # DATA USE IN THE CLASSROOM : The Challenges of Implementing Data-based Decision-making at the School Level
Systemic efforts to implement database decision-making at the school-level and classroom-level face several challenges. First, most data available within district information systems are limited to
Data analysis demystified
  • Leadership, 31(2), 28-29, 37-38.
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The Results We Want.
A Legacy Of Learning
The New Realities in Government and Politics/in Economics and Business/in Society and World View
From the Publisher: A penetrating examination of the central issues, trends, and developments of the coming decades and the problems and opportunities they present to America and the world. Author