Drip irrigation of cotton with saline-sodic water

  title={Drip irrigation of cotton with saline-sodic water},
  author={A S Mantell and Hanne Frenkel and Aliza Meiri},
  journal={Irrigation Science},
A two-year study was conducted in the Negev region of Israel, using the drip method, to determine the effect of four levels of water quality (EC =1.0, 3.2, 5.4 and 7.3 dS/m) in combination with three soil amendment treatments (gypsum spread on the soil surface along the drip laterals after planting, injection of H2SO4 into the water during each irrigation, and a control) on plant response, salt distribution in the soil profile, and soil sodification processes. Salinity did not reduce yields… CONTINUE READING


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