Drinking norms: predictors of misperceptions among college students.


OBJECTIVES To explore misperceptions and predictors of misperceptions of celebration and general drinking norms. Participants were traditional college students (N=214). METHODS An online questionnaire was developed to assess personal drinking behavior and perceived drinking norms. RESULTS Significant misperceptions exist among students regarding their perception of the drinking patterns and behaviors displayed by peers in general and during celebration events. Overestimation is more prevalent for celebration drinking than for drinking in general. The odds of being an overestimator are greater for out-of-state residents, frequent drinkers, and students with lower GPAs. CONCLUSIONS Effective strategies should be implemented to correct misperceptions.

DOI: 10.5993/AJHB.37.1.2

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@article{Woodyard2013DrinkingNP, title={Drinking norms: predictors of misperceptions among college students.}, author={Catherine Dane Woodyard and Jeffrey S. Hallam and J. P. Bentley}, journal={American journal of health behavior}, year={2013}, volume={37 1}, pages={14-24} }