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Drift estimation for a multi-dimensional diffusion process using deep neural networks

  title={Drift estimation for a multi-dimensional diffusion process using deep neural networks},
  author={Akihiro Oga and Yuta Koike},
Recently, many studies have shed light on the high adaptivity of deep neural network methods in nonparametric regression models, and their superior performance has been established for various function classes. Motivated by this development, we study a deep neural network method to estimate the drift coefficient of a multi-dimensional diffusion process from discrete observations. We derive generalization error bounds for least squares estimates based on deep neural networks and show that they… 

Adaptive deep learning for nonparametric time series regression

A general theory for adaptive nonparametric estimation of mean functions of nonstationary and nonlinear time series using deep neural networks (DNNs) is developed and the usefulness of the DNN methods for estimating nonlinear AR models with intrinsic low-dimensional structures and discontinuous or rough mean functions is demonstrated.


We consider the question of estimating the drift for a large class of ergodic multivariate and possibly nonreversible diffusion processes, based on continuous observations, in sup -norm loss.



On deep learning as a remedy for the curse of dimensionality in nonparametric regression

It is shown that least squares estimates based on multilayer feedforward neural networks are able to circumvent the curse of dimensionality in nonparametric regression.

Nonparametric regression using deep neural networks with ReLU activation function

The theory suggests that for nonparametric regression, scaling the network depth with the sample size is natural and the analysis gives some insights into why multilayer feedforward neural networks perform well in practice.

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Adaptive estimation in diffusion processes

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We consider a one-dimensional diffusion process (Xt) which is observed at n + 1 discrete times with regular sampling interval ∆. Assuming that (Xt) is strictly stationary, we propose nonparametric

Penalized nonparametric drift estimation for a multidimensional diffusion process

We consider a multi-dimensional diffusion process (X t ) t≥0 with drift vector b and diffusion matrix Σ. This process is observed at n+1 discrete times with regular sampling interval Δ. We review

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This study derives bounds for an approximation error and a generalization error regarding DNNs with intrinsically low dimensional covariates and proves that an intrinsic low dimensionality of covariates is the main factor that determines the performance of deep neural networks.

Deep ReLU network approximation of functions on a manifold

This work studies a regression problem with inputs on a $d^*$-dimensional manifold that is embedded into a space with potentially much larger ambient dimension, and derives statistical convergence rates for the estimator minimizing the empirical risk over all possible choices of bounded network parameters.

Exact adaptive pointwise drift estimation for multidimensional ergodic diffusions

The problem of pointwise adaptive estimation of the drift coefficient of a multivariate diffusion process is investigated. We propose an estimator which is sharp adaptive on scales of Sobolev