Dreaming on Latin America: Reflections on Russian Diplomacy in the Region

  title={Dreaming on Latin America: Reflections on Russian Diplomacy in the Region},
  author={Viktor Lazarevich Jeifets},
  • V. Jeifets
  • Published 15 December 2020
  • Political Science
The article contains an outline of evolution of so-called Russian “return” into Latin America. The author tries to analyze how Russian foreign policy towards the Latin American and Caribbean region over the last three decades pointing some its key features and trying to define existing obstacles for its implementation, and to make some conclusions about possible prospects for Russia’s position in the region facing new challenges. Based on a literature and media review and a survey of documents… 
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В статье рассматриваются основные направления и проблемы применения латино- американскими государствами механизма разрешения торговых споров в рамках Все- мирной торговой организации. Показана
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