Drawing is the New Painting

  title={Drawing is the New Painting},
  author={Karen Kurczynski},
  journal={Art Journal},
  pages={110 - 92}
Painting and drawing are back. That s the big news. —Peter Schjeldahl Drawing is the new Painting. Drawing reveals processes that painting hides. Drawing in paint enlivens painting. Drawing is marginal. Drawing is handmade and expressive without being outmoded or too commercial. Drawing defies mass mediation and the digital. 

Rethinking the graphic trace in performative drawing

ABSTRACT This article critically investigates the ‘graphic trace’, commonly perceived in drawings as marks left from physical actions. It is a notion fundamental to current art practices engaging

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Members of Committe: Chair: Dr. Péter Ágnes, CSc., professor emerita Opponents: Dr. Benczik Vera PhD, senior lecturer Dr. Maksa Gyula PhD, senior lecturer Further Members: Dr. Péteri Éva, PhD, senior


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2008, pencil, acrylic, and Flashe on paper mounted on panel, framed, I I ft. x 8 ft. I I in. (335.3 x 271.8 em) (artwork © Glenn Ligon

    A Conversation with Glenn Ligon

    • Coloring: New Work by

    Still Frames, Moving Pictures

    • Coloring