Dramatic enhancement of xuv laser output using a multimode gas-filled capillary waveguide

  title={Dramatic enhancement of xuv laser output using a multimode gas-filled capillary waveguide},
  author={Tom{\'a}{\vs} Mocek and Claire Mckenna and Brigitte Cros and St{\'e}phane Sebban and David J. Spence and Gilles Maynard and I. Bettaibi and V. A. Vorontsov and A. J. Gonsavles and Simon M. Hooker},
  journal={Physical Review A},
We report a significant increase of the output of a 41.8-nm Xe{sup 8+} laser achieved by means of multimode guiding of high-intensity femtosecond laser pulses in a gas-filled dielectric capillary tube. The optimized lasing signal from a 15-mm-long capillary was nearly an order of magnitude higher than that from a gas cell of the same length. Simulations of the propagation of the pump laser pulse in the capillary confirmed that this enhancement is due to reflections from the capillary wall… 

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