Dragon2006: blockage-aware congestion-controlling mixed-size placer

  title={Dragon2006: blockage-aware congestion-controlling mixed-size placer},
  author={Taraneh Taghavi and Xiaojian Yang and Bo-Kyung Choi and Maogang Wang and M. Sarrafzadeh},
  booktitle={ISPD '06},
In this paper, we develop a mixed-size placement tool, Dragon2006, to solve large scale placement problems effectively. A top-down hierarchical approach based on min-cut partitioning and simulated annealing is used to place very large SoC-style designs containing fixed blockage, movable macro blocks of various sizes and standard cells. Moreover, we have applied several techniques for wirelength optimization, congestion estimation in the presence of blockage and white space allocation for… Expand
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