Dragmacidin G, a Bioactive Bis-Indole Alkaloid from a Deep-Water Sponge of the Genus Spongosorites

  title={Dragmacidin G, a Bioactive Bis-Indole Alkaloid from a Deep-Water Sponge of the Genus Spongosorites},
  author={A. Wright and K. Killday and D. Chakrabarti and E. Guzm{\'a}n and D. Harmody and P. Mccarthy and T. Pitts and S. Pomponi and J. Reed and Bracken F Roberts and Carolina Rodrigues Felix and K. Rohde},
  journal={Marine Drugs},
A deep-water sponge of the genus Spongosorites has yielded a bis-indole alkaloid which we have named dragmacidin G. Dragmacidin G was first reported by us in the patent literature and has recently been reported by Hitora et al. from a sponge of the genus Lipastrotheya. Dragmacidin G is the first in this series of compounds to have a pyrazine ring linking the two indole rings. It also has a rare N-(2-mercaptoethyl)-guanidine side chain. Dragmacidin G shows a broad spectrum of biological activity… Expand
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