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Drag Characteristics of a Pickup Truck according to the Bed Geometry

  title={Drag Characteristics of a Pickup Truck according to the Bed Geometry},
  author={Ha Jong-Soo and Shigeru Obayashi},
The bed of a pickup truck is the most important part for the aerodynamic performance. The drag characteristics of the pickup truck were examined experimentally according to the bed geometry which was the variation of the bed length and the bed height with three levels. The experiments were conducted at the low turbulence wind tunnel of the close type. The mean drag coefficients of the model were measured by a load cell varying in the yaw angle up to fifteen degrees. The flow field around the… 

Numerical investigation of aerodynamic characteristics of generic pickup trucks

Bu calismada, modifiye edilerek olusurulmus kamyonetlerin aerodinamik ozellikleri sonlu hacimler metodu ile incelenmistir. Kamyonetler etrafindaki daimi, uc-boyutlu ve turbulansli akislar standart



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