Draft standard industrial real-time FORTRAN

  title={Draft standard industrial real-time FORTRAN},
  author={W. Kneis},
  journal={ACM SIGPLAN Notices},
  • W. Kneis
  • Published 1 July 1981
  • History
  • ACM SIGPLAN Notices
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Die sicherheitsgerichtete Echtzeitprogrammiersprache HI-PEARL

Die Programmiersprache PEARL besitzt bei weitem die ausgepragtesten Echtzeiteigenschaften. Zunachst wird gezeigt, dass Teile von PEARL wegen ihrer Klarheit, Eindeutigkeit und unmittelbaren

Fallstudien sicherheitsgerichteter programmierbarer elektronischer Systeme

Drei speziell fur sicherheitsgerichtete Anwendungen konzipierte programmierbare elektronische Systeme werden vorgestellt. Das erste wird hochsten Sicherheitsanspruchen gerecht, indem seine Software

Comparative evaluation of high-level real-time programming languages

A number of new features is suggested for incorporation into existing or future languages and their run-time environments to advance the inadequate state of affairs, and also to reignite the discussion of this topic in the real-time community.

Real-Time Languages

A real-time language (RTL) is a programming language used to implement an information processing system that can respond to externally generated stimuli within a finite and specifiable delay.

Real-time programming languages

This chapter discusses a large number of vendor-specific real-time dialects of FORTRAN and later also of BASIC and a few other languages.

Recommendations for a real-time systems curriculum

The objective of courses for the education of real-time computer and control systems engineers is to discuss topics and problems encountered when developing embedded systems for hard real-time

A curriculum for real-time computer and control systems engineering

An outline of a syllabus for the education of real-time-systems engineers with special emphasis on such topics as task scheduling, hardware architectures, and especially distributed automation structures, process interfacing, system reliability and fault-tolerance, and integrated project development support systems is given.

Multitasking on the Cray X-MP-2 Multiprocessor

An overview of the hardware and software that support multitasking on the Cray X-MP and describes the programming Consideration required to write multitasking programs are presented.