DrTx(1-42), a C-terminally truncated analogue of drosotoxin, is a candidate of analgesic drugs.

  title={DrTx(1-42), a C-terminally truncated analogue of drosotoxin, is a candidate of analgesic drugs.},
  author={Shunyi Zhu and Lan Luo and Ping Li and B. Gao and Limei Zhu and Yuzhe Yuan},
  journal={Biochemical pharmacology},
  volume={81 3},
Drosotoxin is an engineered tetrodotoxin-resistant (TTX-R) sodium channel-specific blocker with a non-toxic structural core (Zhu et al. Biochem Pharmacol 2010; 80:1296-302). Here, we report the discovery and functional characterization of a carboxyl-terminally truncated analogue of drosotoxin (named DrTx(1-42)) which selectively inhibited dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neuron TTX-R sodium current (I(Na)) with an IC(50) value of 1.74±0.07μM. Consistent with this effect, DrTx(1-42) significantly… Expand
Mutational Analysis of the Analgesic Peptide DrTx(1-42) Revealing a Functional Role of the Amino-Terminal Turn
Molecular design of new sodium channel blockers.
  • P. Li, Shunyi Zhu
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Biochemical and biophysical research communications
  • 2011


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