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Dr. Yoshio Manaka’s insights and contributions to the field of TEAM

  title={Dr. Yoshio Manaka’s insights and contributions to the field of TEAM},
  author={Stephen Birch},
Introduction ​Acupuncture and its broader field, traditional East Asian Medicine (TEAM) have been trickling into the West for a number of centuries. Their first appearances in the late 1600s thru the 1800s were small waves that rose and fell. In the period after the second world war they, especially acupuncture, started penetrating more vehemently into Western culture, in the 1950s into Europe and in the early 1970s all over. 


Clinical research on acupuncture. Part 2. Controlled clinical trials, an overview of their methods.
  • S. Birch
  • Medicine
    Journal of alternative and complementary medicine
  • 2004
A list of 45 criteria important in the design, implementation, and writing up of controlled clinical acupuncture trials is developed, after examining the quality assessment criteria used in meta-analyses and systematic reviews of acupuncture, general publications on clinical trial designs and methodological considerations specific to acupuncture trials.
Margins of Reality: The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World
BEN KESSLER In the midst of ecological catastrophe, indigenous persecution, and the attempted mechanization of the living world, the beauty of the earth remains defiantly vibrant. The voice of the
A review and analysis of placebo treatments, placebo effects, and placebo controls in trials of medical procedures when sham is not inert.
  • S. Birch
  • Medicine
    Journal of alternative and complementary medicine
  • 2006
The author examines the use of sham procedures in clinical trials of the medical procedures surgery and acupuncture in which the sham was assumed to be inert but was not, which introduces bias against the tested medical procedures and devices.
Extended Network Generalized Entanglement Theory: therapeutic mechanisms, empirical predictions, and investigations.
  • M. Hyland
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    Journal of alternative and complementary medicine
  • 2003
Empirical predictions from this theory are contrasted with those from two other possible mechanisms of healing: (1) psychologic processes and (2) mechanisms involving electromagnetic influence between people (biofield/energy medicine).
Between Mind and Eye: Japanese Anatomy in the Eighteenth Century
Wholeness and the Implicate Order
A New Science of Life: The Hypothesis of Formative Causation
The mangle of practice : time, agency, and science
  • 1995