Dr William Woodville (1752–1805) and the St Pancras Smallpox Hospital

  title={Dr William Woodville (1752–1805) and the St Pancras Smallpox Hospital},
  author={G. C. Cook},
  journal={Journal of Medical Biography},
  pages={71 - 78}
  • G. C. Cook
  • Published 1 May 1996
  • History
  • Journal of Medical Biography
Disease caused by the smallpox (variola) virus has a long and fascinating historyl", For many centuries, major global demographic trends doubtless followed in its wake. Edward Jenner FRS (1749-1823)1 is credited with the introduction of vaccination, but the physician to the London Smallpox and Inoculation Hospital at St Pancras, William Woodvilles-P, also played a significant role. Together with his colleague George Pearson (see below), he made a major contribution to the introduction of… 

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  • 1878
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