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Media, scientific journals and science communication: examining the construction of scientific controversies

This paper analyzes the role of the media in the construction of the “water with memory” controversy. It demonstrates that the universality of the canons of the scientific enterprise transcends the

Microwave Emissions and the Problem of Modern Viral Diseases

Abstract The results of a study on the mechanisms of the influence of an increased level of microwave radiation on the growth of infectious, primarily viral, diseases in the environment are

The influence of microwave radiation from the geocosmos on the state of a living organism

The cardinal problem of biophysics is insufficient understanding of the microwave radiation influence on a living organism. Microwave fluxes enter the biosphere from the earth’s ionosphere during

The Use and Abuse of Science

Moral issues concerning the use and abuse of science are broached in this chapter. Scientists have responsibilities to conduct their research in such a way as to respect and acknowledge the

The Argument Form "Appeal to Galileo": A Critical Appreciation of Doury’s Account

Following a linguistic-descriptivist approach, Marianne Doury has studied debates about “parasciences” (e.g. astrology), discovering that “parascientists” frequently argue by “appeal to Galileo”

The Pelvis and Herbal Medicine

Despite double-blind, randomized studies that clearly show the ineffectiveness of plant extracts like saw palmetto for prostatitis or black cohosh for menopausal women, well-educated people still use these extracts.

The mathematics of dilution.

  • B. Chatterjee
  • Medicine
    Homeopathy : the journal of the Faculty of Homeopathy
  • 2014

Evidence in biology and the conditions of success

I describe two traditions of philosophical accounts of evidence: one characterizes the notion in terms of signs of success, the other characterizes the notion in terms of conditions of success. The

Towards a Critical Philosophy of Science: Continental Beginnings and Bugbears, Whigs, and Waterbears

Continental philosophy of science has developed alongside mainstream analytic philosophy of science. But where continental approaches are inclusive, analytic philosophies of science are not–excluding