Dpp-responsive silencers are bound by a trimeric Mad-Medea complex.

  title={Dpp-responsive silencers are bound by a trimeric Mad-Medea complex.},
  author={Sheng Gao and Janet Steffen and Allen Laughon},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={280 43},
Transcriptional regulation by transforming growth factor-beta signaling is mediated by the Smad family of transcription factors. It is generally accepted that Smads must interact with other transcription factors to bind to their targets. However, recently it has been shown that a complex of the Drosophila Smad proteins, Mad and Medea, binds with high affinity to silencer elements that repress brinker and bag of marbles in response to Dpp signaling. Here we report that these silencers are bound… CONTINUE READING