Doxorubicin toxicity and pharmacokinetics in old and young rats

  title={Doxorubicin toxicity and pharmacokinetics in old and young rats},
  author={Tina Colombo and Maria Grazia Donelli and Renato Urso and S Dallarda and Amalia Guaitani},
  journal={Experimental Gerontology},
Doxorubicin (Dx) toxicity was compared in old (24 months) and young (6 weeks) Crl:CD(SD) BR male rats, and a clear age-related increase was found. The mortality of all animals receiving a single i.v. Dx dose was followed for 270 days. Old rats died after doses of 2.5 mg/kg, while young animals died after doses two times higher, 5 mg/kg. In old rats body weight loss started 10 to 15 days after Dx, compared to 50 to 80 days for young animals. In young and old rats pharmacokinetic and metabolic… CONTINUE READING

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