Doxapram-induced panic attacks and cortisol elevation

  title={Doxapram-induced panic attacks and cortisol elevation},
  author={David A. Gutman and Jeremy D. Coplan and Laszlo A. Papp and Jos{\'e} Antonio Serrano Mart{\'i}nez and Jack G Gorman},
  journal={Psychiatry Research},
Numerous agents with differing biological properties and central nervous system (CNS) effects can induce panic attacks in predisposed individuals. A potential explanation of this finding is that panic disorder patients are more likely to panic than normal control subjects when given a panicogen due to an excessive fear response to somatic arousal. We test this hypothesis by using doxapram, a panicogen with minimal CNS effects, to induce panic in patients and control subjects. Doxapram was given… CONTINUE READING

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