Doxa in Poetry: A Study of Aristotle's Poetics

  title={Doxa in Poetry: A Study of Aristotle's Poetics},
  author={Ekkehard Eggs and Ekkehard Dermot McElholm},
  journal={Poetics Today},
  pages={395 - 426}
The aim of this article is to show that doxa is the point of reference and evaluation from which all of Aristotle's central poetic concepts—mímesis, mythos, peripeteia, praxis téleia, éleos, phóbos, and so forth—can be properly grasped. I first show the endoxical and opinion-bound character of catharsis in discussing pity and fear within the framework of Aristotle's theory of the passions. Since the understanding of the meaning and the function of the plot necessitates a comprehension of the… Expand
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