Downward flame spread over extruded polystyrene

  title={Downward flame spread over extruded polystyrene},
  author={Weiguang An and Huahua Xiao and Km M. Liew and Lin Lin Jiang and Weigang Yan and Yang Zhou and Xinjie Huang and Anastasia Rebrikova and Lijing Gao},
  journal={Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry},
An experimental study on the characteristics of downward flame spread of extruded polystyrene (XPS) is presented. The parameters investigated include average mass loss rate per unit of thickness ($$ \dot{m}^{'} $$m˙′), average flame height (Hf), average flame spread rate (vf), and mass growth rate ($$ \dot{m}_{1} $$m˙1) of molten XPS. The effects of sample thickness (d), sidewalls and atmospheric pressure (p), and the combined effects of these factors on the flame spread are studied. The larger… CONTINUE READING

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