Downstream regulator TANK binds to the CD40 recognition site on TRAF3.

  title={Downstream regulator TANK binds to the CD40 recognition site on TRAF3.},
  author={Chenglong Li and C Ni and Marnie L. Havert and Edelmira Cabezas and Jeannie Q. He and Donald L. Kaiser and John C. Reed and Arnold C. Satterthwait and Genhong Cheng and Kathryn R. Ely},
  volume={10 3},
TRAFs (tumor necrosis factor receptor [TNFR]-associated factors) bind to the cytoplasmic portion of liganded TNFRs and stimulate activation of NF-kappaB or JNK pathways. A modulator of TRAF signaling, TANK, serves as either an enhancer or an inhibitor of TRAF-mediated signaling pathways. The crystal structure of a region of TANK bound to TRAF3 has been determined and compared to a similar CD40/TRAF3 complex. TANK and CD40 bind to the same crevice on TRAF3. The recognition motif PxQxT is… CONTINUE READING


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