Downregulation of bcl-xL is relevant to UV-induced apoptosis in fibroblasts.

  title={Downregulation of bcl-xL is relevant to UV-induced apoptosis in fibroblasts.},
  author={Yuki Nakagawa and Seiji Okada and Masahiko Hatano and Masaaki Ebara and Hiromitsu Saisho and Takeshi Tokuhisa},
  journal={Journal of biochemistry and molecular biology},
  volume={35 5},
Exposure to ultraviolet light (UV) induces apoptosis in mammalian cells. The caspase group of proteases is required for the apoptosis. This pathway is initiated by a release of cytochrome c from the mitochondria into the cytosol. Several Bcl-2 family proteins can regulate the release of cytochrome c by stabilizing the mitochondrial membrane. Here we show that expression of the endogenous bcl-xL was strongly downregulated in NIH3T3 cells within 2 h after UV-C irradiation, and that of bax was… CONTINUE READING