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Downlink Analysis of LEO Multi-Beam Satellite Communication in Shadowed Rician Channels

  title={Downlink Analysis of LEO Multi-Beam Satellite Communication in Shadowed Rician Channels},
  author={Eunsun Kim and I. Roberts and Peter A. Iannucci and Jeffrey G. Andrews},
  • Eunsun Kim, I. Roberts, +1 author Jeffrey G. Andrews
  • Published 2021
  • Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics
  • ArXiv
The coming extension of cellular technology to basestations in low-earth orbit (LEO) requires a fresh look at terrestrial 3GPP channel models. Relative to such models, skyto-ground cellular channels will exhibit less diffraction, deeper shadowing, larger Doppler shifts, and possibly far stronger cross-cell interference: consequences of high elevation angles and extreme “sectorization” of LEO satellite transmissions into partially-overlapping spot beams. To permit forecasting of expected signal… Expand

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