Down's syndrome and early cataract.


AIMS To estimate the occurrence of early cataract among patients with Down's syndrome and to evaluate the clinical characteristics of the cases. METHODS Cases with Down's syndrome were ascertained from a cohort of all Danish children between 0 and 17 years of age, who were diagnosed with cataract during the period 1977-2001 (n = 1027). Information on the patients was obtained from the medical records. RESULTS Of the total of 1027 cases with non-traumatic, non-acquired cataract there were 29 cases (13 males, 16 females) with Down's syndrome (2.8%). This corresponds to an occurrence of early cataract among patients with Down's syndrome of 1.4%; 27 had bilateral cataract and two had unilateral cataract. Half of the patients (n = 14) underwent cataract surgery, of whom two had bilateral primary lens implantation. 10 patients had bilateral cataract observed soon after birth, and five of these underwent cataract surgery within the first 6 months of life. CONCLUSION The frequency of early cataract among children with Down's syndrome is estimated to be 1.4%, with cataracts requiring surgery during childhood being even rarer. In one third of the 29 cases, bilateral cataract was detected in the neonatal period.

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