Down-regulation of MHC class I is a property common to papillomavirus E5 proteins.


The E5 protein family of papillomaviruses comprises small hydrophobic proteins which are associated with the cell endomembrane compartments. The functions of the E5 proteins, particularly those of HPV, are still far from clear. We have reported that the E5 proteins of BPV-1, BPV-4, HPV-16 and HPV-6 down-regulate MHC class I, potentially helping the virus evade the host immune response. Others have described MHC class I down-regulation by HPV-2 E5. We report here that another E5 protein, HPV-83 E5, likewise down-regulates MHC class I and propose that interference with expression, assembly and/or transport of MHC class I is a common property of all E5 proteins evolved by the virus to circumvent host immunosurveillance and thus establish productive infection.

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