Down-regulation of IL-12 by topical corticosteroids in chronic atopic dermatitis.

  title={Down-regulation of IL-12 by topical corticosteroids in chronic atopic dermatitis.},
  author={Nikhil Yawalkar and Stephan Karlen and Fritz Egli and Christoph Urs Brand and Hans Ulrich Graber and Werner Joseph Pichler and Lasse Roger Braathen},
  journal={The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology},
  volume={106 5},
BACKGROUND Previous reports indicate that IL-12 may be involved in the development of chronic atopic dermatitis. However, the cellular source of this cytokine in the skin and its expression during successful treatment of the skin lesions are not known. OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to delineate the precise in situ localization of IL-12 and its modulation under topical treatment with corticosteroids. METHODS Skin biopsy specimens were obtained from nonlesional, lesional, and treated skin of… CONTINUE READING