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Down's syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease: is there a real link?

  title={Down's syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease: is there a real link?},
  author={Raquel Souto-Rodr{\'i}guez and Manuel Barreiro-de-Acosta and Juan Enrique Dom{\'i}nguez-Mu{\~n}oz},
  journal={Revista espanola de enfermedades digestivas : organo oficial de la Sociedad Espanola de Patologia Digestiva},
  volume={106 3},
Down's syndrome (DS) is a genetic disease that has been associated with several immune and autoimmune diseases, including digestive and liver diseases, like celiac disease, autoimmune chronic hepatitis and sclerosing cholangitis.Despite in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) pathogenesis, genetics and immune mechanism play an important role, the association among DS and IBD has been poorly studied. Data about IBD diagnosis in DS patients is very scarce with only some individual case-reports. We… 

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Pulmonary Crohn's Disease in Down Syndrome: A Link or Linkage Problem
The case of a 5-year-old girl with known DS and a history of chronic intermittent abdominal pain who presented with persistent pneumonia is presented, which is the first reported case of pulmonary CD in a child with DS.
Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Patients With Mental Disorders: What Do We Know?
The epidemiological data about IBD, the association between mental disorders and genetic factors and the gut-brain axis are presented, the possible pathogenetic mechanisms are described and some considerations about the management of patients with IBD and impaired mental status are discussed.
The Clinical Spectrum of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Associated With Specific Genetic Syndromes: Two Novel Pediatric Cases and a Systematic Review
Evidence of a greater prevalence of IBD is accumulating in TS, DS, and NF1 is accumulating, and management of I BD in patients with these genetic conditions should consider the presence of comorbidities and possible drug toxicities.


Down syndrome and Crohn’s disease: An extremely rare association
Clustering of cases of Crohn’s disease according to family, race and ethnicity, as well as increased incidence of some human leukocyte antigens (HLA) loci in these patients supports the role of genetic factors in the disease.
Crohn's disease in a child with Down syndrome
It is suggested that Crohn’s disease may be added to the list of complications associated with DS, for patients who present with failure to thrive.
Autoimmune chronic active hepatitis in Down's syndrome
A case in which Down's syndrome was associated with autoimmune CAH, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and alopecia areata is reported.
Infections and immunodeficiency in Down syndrome
Addressing immunological and non‐immunological factors involved in the pathogenesis of infectious diseases may reduce the susceptibility to infections in DS subjects.
Autoimmune hepatobiliary disease in trisomy 21.
Two patients with abnormal liver biochemistry are presented with hepatobiliary disorders rarely described in trisomy 21, and one had autoimmune hepatitis that responded to immunosuppression that was considered to have primary sclerosing cholangitis and Crohn's disease.
Immunology of Down syndrome: a review.
Investigation of the immune function in Down syndrome found thymic morphological and functional abnormalities have been demonstrated, and controversial results have been obtained with regard to antigen-specific antibody response.
Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis and Multiple Autoimmune Disorders in a Patient With Down Syndrome
This research presents a novel and scalable approach to provide real-time information about the response of the immune system to chemotherapy and its effects on growth and disease progression.
Immunological studies of patients with Down's syndrome. Measurements of autoantibodies and serum antibodies to dietary antigens in relation to zinc levels.
The results suggest intestinal malfunction in Down's syndrome is perhaps related to a defect of immune regulation caused by reduced levels of zinc in serum, as well as autoantibodies to the thyroid gland.
Rozmani ́c V. Down syncrome and Crohn ́s disease: An extremely rare association
  • Pediatrics International
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High frequency of celiac disease in Down syndrome.