Doubts surround link between Bt cotton failure and farmer suicide

  title={Doubts surround link between Bt cotton failure and farmer suicide},
  author={Cormac Sheridan},
  journal={Nature Biotechnology},
9 professor at the Gujarat Institute of Development Research, in Ahmedabad. The picture is further clouded by the selling of mislabelled, counterfeit seed packets, which often contain more than one variety. One Indian official was quoted in defining four distinct categories of Bt cotton: “legal, illegal, fake legal and fake illegal.” Despite this confusion, at a macro level it is clear that the productivity of India’s cotton growers has risen substantially since the introduction of… 
Erratum: Doubts surround link between Bt cotton failure and farmer suicide
In the version of this article initially published, in column 3, line 3 in the last paragraph, Debdatta Sengupta was referred to as “he,” but the text should have read “she” as S pengupta is a woman.
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