Double-track mobile robot for hazardous environment applications

  title={Double-track mobile robot for hazardous environment applications},
  author={Cheong Hee Lee and Soo Hyun Kim and Sungchul Kang and Munsang Kim and Yoon Keun Kwak},
  journal={Advanced Robotics},
  pages={447 - 459}
This paper introduces a link-type tracked vehicle, which is developed for potential applications such as fire fighting, handicapped assistance and mine detection in various hazardous environments. The vehicle consists of three parts—front frame, rear frame and body. The front frame is connected to the rear frame by a rotational passive adaptation mechanism, which is the driving mechanism of the vehicle. This is similar to a link structure such that one frame rotates to the other by external… 

Kinematics analysis of a transformable wheel-track robot with self-adaptive mobile mechanism

The mobile mechanism of Amoeba-III has self-adaptability to the irregular environment, and its locomotion modes and postures when the robot runs on the different terrain are analyzed.

Obstacle negotiation for the rescue robot with variable single-tracked mechanism

Experimental results show that the robot moves in opposition to several obstacles, reflecting the proposed algorithm ultimately, in order to realize autonomous navigation that is well matched to an original target, rescue operation.

Design and basic experiments of a transformable wheel-track robot with self-adaptive mobile mechanism

It is shown that the mobile mechanism of NEZA-I has self-adaptability to the irregular environment, which means that the robots should be able to move in the complex and unpredictable environment where the ground might be soft and hard, even and uneven.

A Mobile Robot Platform with Double Angle-Changeable Tracks

Experiments proved that the MRP can run flexibly and reliably in indoor and outdoor environments, and be suitable as a mobile carrier for executing search, rescue, detection and scout missions.

MOBIT, A Small Wheel - Track - Leg Mobile Robot

The effectiveness of the developed mobile robot is confirmed by experiments such as climbing stairs, traversing steps and posture recovering when tipped over.

Autonomous stair climbing algorithm for a small four-tracked robot

In this research, a multi-active crawler robot was developed and the autonomous stair climbing algorithm was implemented to deal with those problems and various experiments show that the MACbot can climb the stair autonomously.

Parameters of the drive system for a transformable wheel-track robot with self-adaptive mobile mechanism

The structure of NEZA-I is introduced, the drive system and its self-adaptive principle of the mobile mechanism are presented, and basic experiments verify the mobility and prove the feasibility of the concept of self- Adaptive mobile mechanism.

Analysis of the constraint relation between ground and self-adaptive mobile mechanism of a transformable wheel-track robot

To maneuver in unstructured terrains where the ground might be soft, hard, flat or rough, a transformable wheel-track robot (NEZA-I) with a self-adaptive mobile mechanism is proposed and developed.

Calculation and Optimization of the Wheel-Track Mobile Robot Reconfi guration Mechanism

The actual problem of an autonomous transport robot design for work in an unstructured environment and in emergency situations is considered. The design of the robot contains a combined system,

Driving Mode Decision in the Obstacle Negotiation of a Variable Single-Tracked Robot

The experiments confirm that the driving mode decision, which is controlled by position-sensitive detector infrared sensors, gives decisive improvement and show that the robot can overcome several obstacles, thereby reflecting the benefits of the proposed algorithm.



Development of Hi-Grip Crawler using a Deformation of Powder

It is desirable to have a mobile robot which can move and perform various tasks on irregular terrain, but current systems are not reliable or adaptable enough for practical use. A traditional method

Stairway travel of a mobile robot with terrain-adaptable crawler mechanism

Deplacement d'un robot mobile sur un escalier grâce a un mecanisme a chenilles qui s'adapte au terrain

Mechanical Design of Variable Configuration Tracked Vehicle


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