Double silyl migration converting ORe[N(SiMe(2)CH(2)PCy(2))(2)] to NRe[O(SiMe(2)CH(2)PCy(2))(2)] substructures.

The reaction of (R(2)PCH(2)SiMe(2))(2)NM (PNP(R)M; R = Cy; M = Li, Na, MgHal, Ag) with L(2)ReOX(3) [L(2) = (Ph(3)P)(2) or (Ph(3)PO)(Me(2)S); X = Cl, Br] gives (PNP(Cy))ReOX(2) as two isomers, mer,trans and mer,cis. These compounds undergo a double Si migration from N to O at 90 degrees C to form (POP(Cy))ReNX(2) as a mixture of mer,trans and fac,cis isomers… CONTINUE READING