Double-quantum dipolar recoupling at high magic-angle spinning rates.

  title={Double-quantum dipolar recoupling at high magic-angle spinning rates.},
  author={Per Eugen Kristiansen and Dan J. Mitchell and Jeremy N. S. Evans},
  journal={Journal of magnetic resonance},
  volume={157 2},
A full investigation of the possible homonuclear double-quantum recoupling sequences, based on the RN family of sequences with N < or = 20, is given. Several new RN sequences, R16(6)(5), R18(8)(5), and R18(10)(5), were applied at high magic-angle spinning rates and compared with theory. The R18(10)(5) technique can be used to recouple dipolar couplings at spinning rates up to 39 kHz, and the application of the sequence in an INADEQUATE experiment is shown for a spinning rate of 30 kHz.