Double lox targeting for neural cell transgenesis.

  title={Double lox targeting for neural cell transgenesis.},
  author={Larry D. Adams and Luke Choi and Hai Qing Xian and Aizhen Yang and Brian Sauer and Ling Wei and David I. Gottlieb},
  journal={Brain research. Molecular brain research},
  volume={110 2},
ES cells differentiated along the neural lineage in vitro are an attractive model system. Here we have developed ES cell lines that are suitable for inserting transgenes at a single chromosomal site. ES cell line CE1 (for Cassette Exchange) contains one "acceptor" module (CE1) that allows for efficient double lox targeting. The site is also permissive for gene expression in neural progenitor cells, as well as differentiated neurons and glia. Line CE2 was derived by swapping a puromycin… CONTINUE READING


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