Double frustration and magnetoelectroelastic excitations in collinear multiferroic materials

  title={Double frustration and magnetoelectroelastic excitations in collinear multiferroic materials},
  author={D. C. Cabra and A. Dobry and Claudio J. Gazza and Gerardo L. Rossini},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We discuss a model scenario for multiferroic systems of type II (collinear spins) where the electric dipolar order competes with a frustrated magnetic order in determining the elastic distortions of the lattice ion positions. High magnetic frustration due to second neighbors exchange and small spin easy-axis anisotropy lead to the appearance of the so called quantum magnetic plateau states. Increasing the magnetic field above the plateau border produces composite excitations, where… 




  • Rev. B 75, 165104
  • 2007

Raman interrogation of the ferroelectric phase transition in polar metal LiOsO3

An unusual FE phase transition in recently discovered polar metal LiOsO3 is revealed, different from the typical transition in insulating FEs, with dramatic temperature-dependent electron−phonon coupling, and active interplay of itinerant electrons and the FE order is demonstrated.

Magnetodielectric coupling and magnetization plateaus in α-CoV2O6 crystals

Large crystals of the monoclinic α-CoV2O6 cobaltite have been grown. A clear dielectric anomaly is found at 15 K which coincides with the magnetic ordering temperature. For large enough magnetic

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perovskites (R = rare earth) provide a remarkable opportunity to study the relationship between structural and physical properties since, by moving along the 4f rare earth series, the evolution of

Strong magnetoelectric coupling in mixed ferrimagnetic-multiferroic phases of a double perovskite

The results based on intricate magnetic correlations and phases in Er2CoMnO6 enrich fundamental and applied research on magnetic materials through the scope of distinct magnetic characteristics in double perovskites.

Composite domain walls in a multiferroic perovskite ferrite.

It is shown that GdFeO(3), one of the most orthodox perovskite oxides, is not only a weak ferromagnet but also possesses a ferroelectric ground state, in which the ferro electric polarization is generated by the striction through the exchange interaction between the Gd and Fe spins.

Multiferroics: a magnetic twist for ferroelectricity.

It is found that even a weak magnetoelectric interaction can lead to spectacular cross-coupling effects when it induces electric polarization in a magnetically ordered state.

Rare-earth nickelates RNiO3: thin films and heterostructures.

This review stands in the larger framework of functional materials by focussing on heterostructures of rare-earth nickelates, described by the chemical formula RNiO3, to discuss the extensive studies on nickelate heterostructure as well as outline different approaches to tuning and controlling their physical properties.

Magnetostriction and ferroelectric state in AgCrS2

The band structure calculations in the GGA+U approximation show the presence of additional lattice distortions in the magnetically ordered phase of AgCrS2, accompanied by distortions of the CrS6 octahedra, which lead to the development of spontaneous electric polarization.