Double-barreled wet colostomy: urinary and fecal diversion.


PURPOSE Double-barreled wet colostomy represents simultaneous urinary and fecal surgical diversion performed most commonly after pelvic exenteration as a palliative procedure or after actinic damage. We report the structural and functional results of double-barreled wet colostomy with special attention to surgical technique, morbidity and functional results… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.juro.2008.03.059


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@article{Kecmanovic2008DoublebarreledWC, title={Double-barreled wet colostomy: urinary and fecal diversion.}, author={Dragutin M Kecmanovic and Maja J Pavlov and Miljan S. {\'C}erani{\'c} and Dragan Masulovic and Ivan P Popov and Marjan T Micev}, journal={The Journal of urology}, year={2008}, volume={180 1}, pages={201-4; discussion 204-5} }