Double Poisson vertex algebras and non-commutative Hamiltonian equations

  title={Double Poisson vertex algebras and non-commutative Hamiltonian equations},
  author={Alberto De Sole and Victor G. Kac and Daniele Valeri},
  journal={Advances in Mathematics},
Double Multiplicative Poisson Vertex Algebras
We develop the theory of double multiplicative Poisson vertex algebras. These structures, defined at the level of associative algebras, are shown to be such that they induce a classical structure of
Hamiltonian Structures for Integrable Nonabelian Difference Equations
In this paper we extensively study the notion of Hamiltonian structure for nonabelian differential-difference systems, exploring the link between the different algebraic (in terms of double Poisson
Double Lie algebras of a nonzero weight
We introduce the notion of λ-double Lie algebra, which coincides with usual double Lie algebra when λ = 0. We state that every λ-double Lie algebra for λ 6= 0 provides the structure of modified
Noncommutative Poisson vertex algebras and Courant-Dorfman algebras
We introduce double Courant–Dorfman algebras, which are noncommutative versions of Roytenberg’s Courant–Dorfman algebras, since we prove that they satisfy the Kontsevich–Rosenberg principle. In
A New Scheme of Integrability for (bi)Hamiltonian PDE
We develop a new method for constructing integrable Hamiltonian hierarchies of Lax type equations, which combines the fractional powers technique of Gelfand and Dickey, and the classical Hamiltonian
Classical and Quantum $${\mathcal {W}}$$-Algebras and Applications to Hamiltonian Equations
  • A. Sole
  • Mathematics
    Springer INdAM Series
  • 2019
We start by giving an overview of the four fundamental physical theories, namely classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, classical field theory and quantum field theory, and the corresponding
Supersymmetric Bi-Hamiltonian Systems
We construct super Hamiltonian integrable systems within the theory of Supersymmetric Poisson vertex algebras (SUSY PVAs). We provide a powerful tool for the understanding of SUSY PVAs called the
Simple finite-dimensional double algebras
Non-commutative Courant algebroids and Quiver algebras
In this paper, we develop a differential-graded symplectic (Batalin-Vilkovisky) version of the framework of Crawley-Boevey, Etingof and Ginzburg on noncommutative differential geometry based on
Symmetry approach to integrability and non-associative algebraic structures
The first part of the book is devoted to the symmetry approach to classification of scalar integrable evolution PDEs with two independent variables. In the second part systems of evolution equations


Double Poisson algebras
In this paper we develop Poisson geometry for non-commutative algebras. This generalizes the bi-symplectic geometry which was recently, and independently, introduced by Crawley-Boevey, Etingof and
Double Poisson brackets on free associative algebras
We discuss double Poisson structures in sense of M. Van den Bergh on free associative algebras focusing on the case of quadratic Poisson brackets. We establish their relations with an associative
Non-local Poisson structures and applications to the theory of integrable systems
We develop a rigorous theory of non-local Poisson structures, built on the notion of a non-local Poisson vertex algebra. As an application, we find conditions that guarantee applicability of the
Dirac Reduction for Poisson Vertex Algebras
We construct an analogue of Dirac’s reduction for an arbitrary local or non-local Poisson bracket in the general setup of non-local Poisson vertex algebras. This leads to Dirac’s reduction of an
Integrable ODEs on Associative Algebras
Abstract: In this paper we give definitions of basic concepts such as symmetries, first integrals, Hamiltonian and recursion operators suitable for ordinary differential equations on associative
Hamiltonian theory over noncommutative rings and integrability in multidimensions
A generalization of the Adler–Gel’fand–Dikii scheme is used to generate bi‐Hamiltonian structures in two spatial dimensions. In order to implement this scheme, a Hamiltonian theory is built over a
Poisson vertex algebras in the theory of Hamiltonian equations
Abstract.We lay down the foundations of the theory of Poisson vertex algebras aimed at its applications to integrability of Hamiltonian partial differential equations. Such an equation is called
A Simple model of the integrable Hamiltonian equation
A method of analysis of the infinite‐dimensional Hamiltonian equations which avoids the introduction of the Backlund transformation or the use of the Lax equation is suggested. This analysis is based
Integrable Evolution Equations on Associative Algebras
Abstract:This paper surveys the classification of integrable evolution equations whose field variables take values in an associative algebra, which includes matrix, Clifford, and group algebra valued