Double NURBS trajectory generation and synchronous interpolation for five-axis machining based on dual quaternion algorithm

  title={Double NURBS trajectory generation and synchronous interpolation for five-axis machining based on dual quaternion algorithm},
  author={Jun Zhang and Liqiang Zhang and Kai Zhang and Jian Mao},
  journal={The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology},
An equidistant double NURBS tool paths (EDNTP) fairing method satisfying the given fitting accuracy is proposed for the linear tool path in work coordinate system (WCS). By utilizing dual-quaternion to describe five-axis tool posture, the linear tool path in WCS is fitted with dual-quaternion B-spline vector function in order to obtain the equidistant double NURBS curves P and Q describing the coordinate points of tool tip and tool axis, respectively. Then, due to the different parameters of… 

Dual NURBS Path Smoothing for 5-Axis Linear Path of Flank Milling

A path smoothing method is proposed to smooth and optimize the linear path by using dual NURBS curves to improve the surface quality, motion stability and machining efficiency.

Five-axis Tri-NURBS spline interpolation method considering compensation and correction of the nonlinear error of cutter contacting paths

In order to improve the accuracy of position and direction of the tool axis vector and the controlling accuracy of cutter contacting (CC) paths between the cutter and workpiece in the traditional

Smooth toolpath interpolation for a 5-axis hybrid machine tool

Due to the merits of high rigidity and good dynamics, hybrid machine tools have been gradually applied to efficient machining of thin-walled workpiece with complex geometries. However, the

Servo-controlling structure of five-axis CNC system for real-time NURBS interpolating

It has been indicated that the proposed method can enhance the machining accuracy and the spline interpolator is feasible for 5-axis CNC system.

A G3 continuous tool path smoothing method for 5-axis CNC machining

An analytical G3 continuous corner smoothing method with adaptive constraints adjustments for five-axis machine tool

An analytical local corner smoothing method is proposed with two specially designed quartic curves to generate smooth motion trajectories of five-axis linear segments to limit the maximum feedrate of tool orientation and achieve continuous axial feedrate and acceleration.

Double B-Spline Curve-Fitting and Synchronization-Integrated Feedrate Scheduling Method for Five-Axis Linear-Segment Toolpath

Experimental results verify that the proposed curve-fitting method can generate smooth tool path under fitting tolerance, and the proposed feedrate scheduling method can produce smooth and restricted axial motions.

A C2 continuous trajectory planning method for 6-DOF rotational robot manipulators

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to propose a smooth double-spline interpolation method for six-degree-of-freedom rotational robot manipulators, achieving the global C2 continuity of the robot

A decoupled five-axis local smoothing interpolation method to achieve continuous acceleration of tool axis

It is verified that the proposed smoothing interpolation method has a higher computation efficiency and can improve the processing efficiency and surface quality of the tool path while satisfying the specified smoothing error constraints and kinematic constraints.



An Algorithm to Generate Compact Dual NURBS Tool Path with Equal Distance for 5-Axis NC Machining

A new algorithm is proposed to generate compact dual NURBS tool paths with equal distance (DNTPED) for 5-axis NC machining based on the theories of rational motion since it reduces the tangency discontinuities along the tool path.

An adaptive feedrate scheduling method of dual NURBS curve interpolator for precision five-axis CNC machining

Non-uniform rational b-spline (NURBS) tool path is becoming more and more important due to the increasing requirement for machining geometrically complex parts. However, NURBS interpolators,

The Research of Dual NURBS Curves Interpolation Algorithm for High-Speed Five-Axis Machining

The proposed real-time control algorithm based on Taylor's expansion for implementing variable feed rate non-uniform rational B-spline (NURBS) curve can maintain small contour errors and feedrate fluctuations and shorten the size of machining code effectively compared with the linear and circular interpolators.

The design of a NURBS pre-interpolator for five-axis machining

A non-uniform, rational B-spline (NURBS) interpolator has great advantages for free-form surface machining compared to the conventional linear/circular interpolator. However, the existing NURBS

A constant feed and reduced angular acceleration interpolation algorithm for multi-axis machining

Dual-NURBS Tool Path Fairing Method for Five-axis High-speed Machining

A Fairing method for dual-NURBS tool path was proposed,smoothing the break points where the accuracy was not satisfied with Bezier dual-quaternion vector function.With the proposed method,the

A new approach to generating arc length parameterized NURBS tool paths for efficient three-axis machining of smooth, accurate sculptured surfaces

With the development of a new function of computer numerical control controllers, nonuniform rational B-spline (NURBS) interpolation, NURBS tool path generation for sculptured surface machining is

Real-time variable feed rate NURBS curve interpolator for CNC machining

A real-time control algorithm based on Taylor’s expansion for implementing variable feed rate non-uniform rational B-spline (NURBS) curve interpolators using a digital signal processor for precision CNC machining is presented.