Double-GEM based thermal neutron detector prototype

  title={Double-GEM based thermal neutron detector prototype},
  author={L.A. Serra Filho and R. Felix dos Santos and G. de Souza and M.M.M. Paulino and F. A. Souza and Mauricio Moralles and H. Natal da Luz and Marco Bregant and M. G. Munhoz and C.-C. Lai and Carina H{\"o}glund and P. Svensson and Linda Robinson and Richard J. Hall-Wilton},
  journal={Journal of Instrumentation},
The Helium-3 shortage and the growing interest in neutron science constitute a driving factor in developing new neutron detection technologies. In this work, we report the development of a double-GEM detector prototype that uses a 10B4C layer as a neutron converter material. GEANT4 simulations were performed predicting an efficiency of (3.14 ± 0.10)%, agreeing within 2.7σ with the experimental and analytic detection efficiencies obtained by the detector when tested in a 41.8 meV thermal neutron… 



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