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Double Calculus

  title={Double Calculus},
  author={Patrik Lundstrom},
We extend classical results from single variable calculus, such as Rolle’s theorem, the mean value theorem, Fermat’s extremum theorem, the first derivative test, and the fundamental theorem of calculus, to the context of two-variable functions. To this end, we introduce the notions of double continuous functions and double differentiable functions. Noteworthily, the Weierstrass extreme value theorem does not hold for double continuous functions; to prove a double Rolle’s theorem, we instead… Expand


A Proof of Bonnet's Version of the Mean Value Theorem by Methods of Cauchy
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Über mehrdimensionale Differentiation
  • Integration und beschrankte Variation, J. Reine Angew. Math., 173
  • 1935
Mehrdimensionale Differentiation von Funktionen mehrerer Veranderlicher
  • J. Reine Angew. Math. 170
  • 1934
A New Proof of Darboux's Theorem
  • L. Olsen
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Am. Math. Mon.
  • 2004
Darboux's Theorem: If a and b are points of I with a < b and if y lies between f' (a) and f (b), then there exists a number x in [a, b] such that f'(x) = y. Expand
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Differential and Integral Calculus
AbstractTHE English edition of Vol. 1 of this work was briefly reviewed in NATURE of March 9, 1935, and the present volume is a translation, also by Prof. McShane, of the original German text whichExpand