Dosimetric evaluation of copper-64 in copper-67-2IT-BAT-Lym-1 for radioimmunotherapy.

  title={Dosimetric evaluation of copper-64 in copper-67-2IT-BAT-Lym-1 for radioimmunotherapy.},
  author={Sui Shen and Gerald L. Denardo and Sally J. Denardo and Qansy Salako and Gordon Ralph Morris and Daniel F. Banks and Aina Yuan and Dan Denardo},
  journal={Journal of nuclear medicine : official publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine},
  volume={37 1},
UNLABELLED Copper-67 (67Cu) is an attractive radionuclide for radioimmuno-therapy because of its favorable physical and biologic characteristics. Current supplies of 67Cu, however, contain as much as 60% of 64Cu at the time of delivery. Scatter photons from 64Cu enter the 67Cu energy window, affecting image resolution and counting accuracy. The radiation dose to tissue is also altered. METHODS A line source and a small vial source of 67Cu containing varying amounts of 64Cu were used to… CONTINUE READING