Dose-response relationship for human fetal exposure to methylmercury.

  title={Dose-response relationship for human fetal exposure to methylmercury.},
  author={Dick Marsh and Gary J Myers and Thomas W. Clarkson and L Amin-zaki and S K Tikriti and Muhammed A. Majeed and Ahmed Dabbagh},
  journal={Clinical toxicology},
  volume={18 11},
Eighty-four Iraqi mothers and their infants had been exposed to methylmercury during pregnancy. The methylmercury had been ingested as a fungicide. Peak maternal hair mercury concentrations were related to the frequency of maternal symptoms during pregnancy and to neurological effects in the infants. These include various degrees of psychomotor retardation. Severe neurological deficits were observed in five children whose maternal peak hair mercury concentrations were 165 to 320 ppm. Minimal… CONTINUE READING

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