Dose-response relation and time course of

  title={Dose-response relation and time course of},
  author={Naoyuki Ueda and Yuichi Masuda and Takesuke Muteki and Kazuo Ohishi and Keiichiroh Tayama and Norio Yamashita},
  journal={Journal of Anesthesia},
The dose-response relation of pipecuronium, the time course of its neuromuscular blocking effects, and the reversibility of the residual block by neostigmine have been investigated in patients under sevofluraney N2O Anesthesia using a neuromuscular transmission analyzer (Accelograph®, Biometer, Denmark). After an initial dose of pipecuronium (0.04 mg·kg−1, i.v., the maximum block rate, onset time, the time from administration until 25% recovery and 50% recovery of control twitch height of the… CONTINUE READING