Dose-response plasma appearance of green tea catechins in adults.

  title={Dose-response plasma appearance of green tea catechins in adults.},
  author={Mathieu Renouf and Cynthia Marmet and Philippe Alexandre Guy and Maurice Beaumont and M{\'e}lissa Lepage and Gary Williamson and Fabiola Dionisi},
  journal={Molecular nutrition & food research},
  volume={57 5},
SCOPE Tea is an infusion of the Camellia sinensis leaves. The most prevalent bioactive compounds in green tea are catechins (C), which are of great interest for their potential health-promoting effects. However, metabolism and bioavailability of C are not fully understood. METHODS AND RESULTS This study investigates the human bioavailability (plasma appearance) of C after drinking three doses of infused green tea in a randomized cross-over design. The sum of area under the curve increased… CONTINUE READING