Dose-rate effects of ethylene oxide exposure on developmental toxicity.

  title={Dose-rate effects of ethylene oxide exposure on developmental toxicity.},
  author={Edie A. Weller and N. V. Long and Angus Smith and Paige 1. Williams and Shashank Ravi and Jas S Gill and R Henessey and W A Skornik and Jeffrey Brain and Carole A. Kimmel and Gary L. Kimmel and Lewis H Holmes and Liza Ryan},
  journal={Toxicological sciences : an official journal of the Society of Toxicology},
  volume={50 2},
In risk assessment, evaluating a health effect at a duration of exposure that is untested involves assuming that equivalent multiples of concentration (C) and duration (T) of exposure have the same effect. The limitations of this approach (attributed to F. Haber, Zur Geschichte des Gaskrieges [On the history of gas warfare], in Funf Vortrage aus den Jahren 1920-1923 [Five lectures from the years 1920-1923], 1924, Springer, Berlin, pp. 76-92), have been noted in several studies. The study… CONTINUE READING

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