Dose-dependent inner ear changes after i.v. administration of cisplatin.

  title={Dose-dependent inner ear changes after i.v. administration of cisplatin.},
  author={G{\"o}ran Laurell and Dan Bagger-Sj{\"o}b{\"a}ck},
  journal={The Journal of otolaryngology},
  volume={20 3},
The effect on the cochlear and vestibular surface structures in the inner ear of guinea pigs receiving different doses of cisplatin was studied in three groups of animals. A semi-quantitative analysis showed that cisplatin induced outer hair cell (OHC) damage which developed over days, was dose-dependent and that repeated intraperitoneal injections of a low dose of cisplatin caused OHC changes comparable to a single intravenous injection. The range of OHC damage varied generally between the… CONTINUE READING