Dose-dependent bioavailability indicators for curcumin and two of its novel derivatives.

  title={Dose-dependent bioavailability indicators for curcumin and two of its novel derivatives.},
  author={Mohamed M Abd El Aziz and Mohamed Farid El-Asmer and Ameen Mahmoud Rezq and Abdulrahman L Al-Malki and Taha Abdulah Kumosani and Hanan Fouad and Hanan I. Sayed Ahmed and Fatma M. Taha and Amira Ahmed Hassouna and Hafez Mohamend Hafez},
  volume={40 1},
Novel water-soluble curcumin derivatives have been developed to overcome low in vivo bioavailability of curcumin. The aim of this work is to assess the potential utility of certain downstream targets as bioavailability indicators of systemic activity of pure curcumin and two novel water-soluble curcumin derivatives (NCD) by constructing dose-dependent response curves and to prove whether this novel curcumin derivatives retained, improved, or abolished biological activity of pure curcumin when… CONTINUE READING
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