Dose- and time-dependent effects of ethanolic extract of Mucuna pruriens Linn. seed on sexual behaviour of normal male rats.

  title={Dose- and time-dependent effects of ethanolic extract of Mucuna pruriens Linn. seed on sexual behaviour of normal male rats.},
  author={Sekar Suresh and Elumalai Prithiviraj and Seppan Prakash},
  journal={Journal of ethnopharmacology},
  volume={122 3},

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Effect of Mucuna pruriens (Linn.) on sexual behavior and sperm parameters in streptozotocin-induced diabetic male rat.
The present work reveals the potential efficacy of ethanolic seed extract of M. pruriens to improve male sexual behavior with androgenic and antidiabetic effects in the STZ-induced diabetic male rats.
Effect of Mucuna pruriens (Linn.) on oxidative stress-induced structural alteration of corpus cavernosum in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat.
The ethanolic extract of M. pruriens seed significantly recovered or protected erectile tissue from the oxidative stress-induced degeneration by its antioxidant potentials and propound to serve mankind by the treatment of diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction.
Effect of Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) Flesh Extract on Sexual Behavior of Male Rats
The results indicated that oral administration of watermelon flesh extract caused a significant increase in Mounting Frequency, Intromission Frequency and Ejaculatory Latency in first and second series and cause a significant decrease in the Mounting Latency and Intromissions Latency.
Effect of Ethanolic Rind Extract of Citrullus lanatus on the Hpg Axis and Sexual Behavior of Male Wistar Rats
The ethanolic rind extract of Citrullus lanatus increased sexual behavior in adult male wistar rats, and may be qualify to be used as a remedy for male sexual dysfunction.
Dose‐ and time‐dependent effects of Garcinia kola seed extract on sexual behaviour and reproductive parameters in male Wistar rats
It is concluded that G. kola seed extract possesses potent aphrodisiac activity in male albino rats with resultant increase in sperm count and testosterone levels.
Dose-dependent effects of Asparagus adscendens root (AARR) extract on the anabolic, reproductive, and sexual behavioral activity in rats
The results indicate increased anabolic, reproductive, and sexual activities by AARR treatment, and provide scientific rationale for its traditional use as an aphrodisiac or for sexual disorders.


The effect of Momordica charantia and Mucuna pruriens in experimental diabetes and their effect on key metabolic enzymes involved in carbohydrate metabolism
The alteration in hepatic and skeletal muscle glycogen content and hepatic glucokinase, hexokinase and glucose‐6‐phosphate and phosphofructokinase levels in diabetic mice were partially restored by MC but not by MP, and the mechanism of action of MC and MP is discussed.
Aphrodisiac activity of Vanda tessellata (Roxb.) Hook. ex Don extract in male mice.
The alcohol extract of V. tessellata flower stimulates the sexual behaviour of male mice and general toxicity, if any, in mice.
Chemical composition and protein quality of the little-known legume, velvet bean (Mucuna pruriens (L.) DC.)
The chemical composition and nutritional characteristics of seeds of Mucuna pruriens were investigated. The mature seeds contained 314.4 g/kg crude protein, 51.6 g/kg crude fiber, 67.3 g/kg crude
Evaluation of the potential of gastric ulceration after administration of certain drugs.
Activation of sexual reflexes of male rats by dihydrotestosterone but not estrogen
  • B. Hart
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A Review of Plant-Derived and Herbal Approaches to the Treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions
This evaluation includes a review of the research supporting the use, efficacy, dose, adverse effects, contraindications, and possible mechanism of action of eight herbal agents commonly promoted for the treatment of sexual problems.
Alkaloidal constituents of Mucuna pruriens seeds.
Critical exposure time for androgen activation of male sexual behavior in rats