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Dosage monitoring through measurement of serum level--a task of clinical pharmacology.

  title={Dosage monitoring through measurement of serum level--a task of clinical pharmacology.},
  author={H. Walther and Frank P. Meyer and Boris B. Quednow and Udo Leuschner and E K{\"o}hler and I Horenburg},
  journal={International journal of clinical pharmacology and biopharmacy},
  volume={16 8},
Dosage monitoring or "pharmacokinetic therapy service", respectively, covers blood level governed therapy schedule or blood level controlled dosage for certain types of therapy. It is also advantageous in applying drugs of a small therapeutic range or in "risk" patients such as children, old men and patients suffering from elimination disturbances. With the blood level data known, physicians can follow an optimum therapy schedule. The principle of this service is detailed using therapy with… 
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